The Performance Method

Comparing archers’ performance across various archery rounds can be difficult. The Performance Method provides archery clubs or organizations a way to determine a “Shooter of the Year” in an unbiased way even when archers compete in different archery rounds.


The Performance Method is based on a statistical analysis of three years of national championship results. The article The Performance Method: An Improved Archer Ranking System for Determining a “Shooter of the Year” describes the method including the math that makes it work.

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The Formulas

Seventeen different archery rounds are included with formulas for compound and recurve archers. See how the performance points are calculated for each possible score including the Excel formulas you need to apply the method to your own work.

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Learn how you can use the Performance Method to quantify archers’ performance and use the results for your own archery club or organization’s “Shooter of the Year” competition.

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