Best End Drill


Like the common golf “scramble” round, in “best end” a team of two or more archers earn a team score by taking the score for the best end of the group. A single- or multi-spot face can be used for this drill.

For example, Archer A and Archer B shoot the following scores on a vertical three-spot or single-sport face:

ArrowArcher AArcher B

The pair would earn a score of 28 points for this end by using Archer A’s score vs. the 26 points from Archer B.


Unless one archer is much more skilled than the other, the two archers together should be able o shoot a better score than either one would on his or her own. This can help build a sense of teamwork and build each archer’s self image.


  • Have two groups compete against one another with each group utilizing “best end” scoring.
  • If the archers in one group are of vastly different skill levels, consider using a handicap to give the lower skilled archer a boost.